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            [Tibet. Rec给股票配资的上市公司ommend给股票配资的上市公司ation] col给股票配资的上市公司umn for the strong dissemination effect of the collection to recommend to buyers the selected art treasures by experts at the first level of national appraisal, to bridge the gap for Tibetans, so that the value of thousands of art treasures are excavated and valued, and high-priced transactions can be concluded in the auction.

            【藏 品 名 称】伟人徽章

            【藏 品 类 型】杂项

            【藏 品 年 代】文革时期

            【藏 品 信 息】直径:3cm 重:9g

            【藏 品 来源】藏友旧藏

            [collection name] great man Badge

            [collection type] miscellaneous

            The Cultural Revolution Period

            [collection information] diameter: 3cm weight: 9g

            [source of collection] old collection of collectors


            "Red collection" refers to the collection and arrangement of historical relics and documents related to the revolutionary activities under the leadership of the Communist Party of China. There are many categories of red collections. Classic cultural relics, documents and other remains that can show the fighting style of the Communist Party of China for more than 80 years, important meetings, major battles and other major events in the history of the Communist Party of China and the people's army belong to the category of "red collection", in which works depicting revolutionary leaders and heroes are the most important. Limited red collection, unlimited market demand.

            在所有的"文革"物品里,伟人像章无疑是最具有收藏价值的。 “文革”时期的像章主要是”文革"初期的三年内集中制作的,由于"文革"时期无限制地制作毛主席像章,当时绝大多数家庭或多或少地拥有毛主席像章,据此推测,整个"文革"时期的毛主席像章总量应在30亿枚以上。这类伟人像章虽然均以毛泽东肖像为主图案,但造型、色彩、材质、寓意、制作发行主体等却千差万别,据保守估计,最起码在二万多个种类以上。

            Among all the "Cultural Revolution" items, the great man's badge is undoubtedly the most valuable. In the early three years of the "Cultural Revolution" period, most of the family owned more or less Chairman Mao's seals. According to this, the total number of Chairman Mao's seals in the whole "Cultural Revolution" period should be more than 3 billion. Although the portraits of Mao Zedong are the main patterns of these great people, their shapes, colors, materials, implications, production and distribution subjects are quite different. According to conservative estimates, at least there are more than 20000 types.


            In this paper, the uniqueness of this great man's badge is Mao Zedong's portrait on the front. This important badge craft art occupies a special position in the history of Chinese art. On the back is Zhou Enlai's "reading for the rise of China". Reading for the rise of China is Premier Zhou's great ambition in his youth, which shows his lifelong sense of responsibility and mission for the country and the nation.


            "Reading for the rise of China" is to read widely, develop in an all-round way, be realistic and pragmatic, be brave in innovation, be a high-quality talent with ideals, morality, culture and discipline, strive to enhance their own cultural accomplishment, and make unremitting efforts to enrich the country and strengthen the people.


            "Reading for the rise of China" is not only the inheritance and sublimation of the national spirit with patriotism as the core, but also the embodiment and expansion of the spirit of the times with communism as the core, which is a powerful driving force for people to work hard and keep forging ahead.

            此枚伟人徽章作为徽章文化的物质载体,颇具特殊的文物价值外,还具有很高的经济价值。此枚徽章 ,更是显示了我国现在的,繁荣昌泰,与日俱增,非常少有,论其品相 ,看其包浆,值得收藏。

            As the material carrier of badge culture, this great man badge has not only special cultural relic value, but also high economic value. This badge shows the prosperity of Changtai, which is growing day by day, very few in China. On its appearance, it is worth collecting.


            This collection is the core recommended collection of this time. You are welcome to come here for consultation and bidding. It's a rare opportunity!